Love who you are …

Coming out is one of the hardest things an LGBT person will have to do in their lives. But remember it’s not just a one off, every day they will have to come out to new people. For years I remember struggling with the fact that I was gay, trying every day to like girls because I wanted to be a normal person and have a ‘normal life’. I wanted to get married and have kids, I wanted my parents to be proud of me.

I struggled on a daily basis to come to terms with who I am, every day I felt like I was living a lie and it was eating away at me. One day I decided to come out to my family/friends and it was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. it felt like a ton had been lifted off my shoulders and I could finally be true to who I am. Being GAY is ok and I should celebrate who I am and who I LOVE!!

Today is #NationalComingOutDay (well it was when I wrote this) celebrating the bravery it takes to be your true authentic self. Just coming out to yourself is one of the bravest things you can do. So today celebrate being you, even if you are not out to the whole world. Accepting yourself for who you are, is just as brave.


Kieran, member of Herts1125WnW @stanbridge_K


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