Working with WnW … an honour

Hi, this is Alex, the Youth Connexions Youth Worker who has been lucky enough to work with members of WnW for the last year … and this is my first ever blog …. scary.

Firstly to everyone reading this, welcome to the new Young Pride in Herts website … we hope you like it but if there’s anything that isn’t working, or anything that you think should be included that isn’t, please let us know via out contact page …. or perhaps even you love it … that would be good to hear too 🙂

I don’t think any of us realised how long it took to populate a site making sure that information was relevant and informative and fitting the needs of young people, professionals and of course parents/carers, all of whom need a little advice and support along the way.

WnW members have been instrumental in the design and content of the site and have volunteered a lot of their free time to making it happen. To WnW, I say thank you … it couldn’t been done without you … well, it could but probably wouldn’t have been what you wanted 🙂 You have been a joy to work with and i look forward to seeing this site develop and the outcomes of your Herts1125 Manifesto achieved for all young LGBT+ in Hertfordshire.

Thank you for reading … assuming of course you got this far 🙂
Oh, and I do like a smiley