Dating online?

When searching for a potential partner most people in the modern age of technology look online. Some people find it hard to go out and socialise with people face to face. This gives them one option, social media, or dating apps if they’re looking for something more than that of a platonic relationship.
Finding people online to talk to has become more prominent in the LGBTQ community. I believe that this is because sometimes, it’s hard to find LGBTQ people within your area, so you talk to people who live miles away or from completely different countries altogether. When using dating apps, this can become tricky. Talking to someone on a romantic level that lives a great distance from you can be heart-breaking. Unfortunately, for some people, and the LGBTQ community in particular, long distance relationships become more of a “only” option. At least, that’s how it can feel.
Using dating apps can be risky for anyone; you may not know who you’re really talking to etc. However, for LGBTQ people who use dating apps, it can be even more daunting. The people you could end up talking to may just want to experiment with their own sexuality, whilst most people may not mind this, (when coming out, we all have to start somewhere) this may be off putting to members of the LGBTQ community that are looking for something serious or have only recently came out themselves and are already apprehensive about the whole thing.
I would say that using dating apps are a great way to meet people (even on a friendship level) however, always get to know someone through their other social media first before taking things further.

Anon, 17, WnW member