‘… there was nobody at my school who was lgbt+, and I felt rather lonely …’

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a ‘tomboy’. I never played with barbies, despised the colour pink, and you would never be able to get me into a dress. When I was around eleven or so I found the website known as tumblr. (Yes, I was one of those people who discovered that website at a young age XD). There, I discovered a whole range of different sexualities.

I knew a little bit about gay/lesbian people people, and I did hear the term bisexual before, but that was just from TV. However, there are so many more sexualities out there that I had no idea even existed! I also found out the term ‘transgender’, and it seemed to fit me…sort of. For a while I identified as ftm, two whole years actually; That was when I found out about non-binary identities. I felt so happy! There were finally some terms out there that suited me! The term that I felt like I could relate to the most was ‘genderflux’. I just linked with it instantly! It was this very term that made me realise that I fluctuated along the male side of the gender spectrum. A few months later, I came out to my immediate family. Luckily, they seemed pretty accepting of me.

Now, there was nobody at my school who was lgbt+, and I felt rather lonely. Sure, I loved the friends I made online, but I wanted to meet people who were, well, in the same area as me, rather than an entirely different country. After a bit of research online, I found this website that you’re reading this from right now – Young Pride in Herts. I checked out some of the support groups that Young Pride in Herts ran, and I found out about ‘Free2Be’. I was pretty nervous on my first time going, but both the youth workers and the volunteers there, as well as the lgbt+ teens that went to this group, made me feel accepted, and most of all, like I was a regular person. It was so much fun! I know that I have definitely made some friends that I’ll stick with for a long, long time.

For anybody else out there who is feeling low because they don’t feel accepted, if you can, try going to a group like Free2Be. It’s so much fun! It truly is 😀

N, 14, North Herts


For info on all the groups currently running in Hertfordshire, check out

Note; Hatfield group to be added