‘Dating apps – yay or nay?’

Having been previously skeptical about the success of LGBT dating apps in forming long term relationships, after the breakdown of my last relationship I thought I would give it a go. I personally used the app Her (which you have to be 17+ to use), which is aimed at women amongst the LGBT community. The app works by using your location to show you all of the local girls in your area, and allowing you to ‘like’ their profiles. If you and a girl like each others profiles (aka matching), then you are able to instant message and chat.  

After a few days on the app, I had been inundated with notifications of girls that had liked my profile, and I had matched with a few girls too. I spoke to a couple of these girls, all of whom seemed lovely and I exchanged personal details with a few. None of them particularly gave me any sort of feelings or any desire to meet them, so I went quiet on the app for a little while.  

A few days later, a notification came in one evening from a girl about 17 miles away, who was the same height as me, looked stunning and was interested in me! I immediately liked her back and as soon as we had matched, I received a message from her. We began chatting and immediately hit things off and exchanged a few, not a  lot, personal details. This happened on the 26th of January and soon after she asked me on a date! An actual date! It was at this point I had the ‘chat’ with my parents who said I should probably check that my date wasn’t some sort of serial killer or catfish, so we had a chat on FaceTime beforehand, and she was definitely the person in the pictures!

We went ice skating on the 31st of January and we both had an awesome time! I hadn’t even finished driving home before I got a text from her saying she wanted to meet again. The next time I saw her was the 5th of February and it was at about 3am of that night I asked her to become my girlfriend. We are still going strong now and I have never found anyone that I connect with or love more, than I do with this girl.  

So, coming from someone who used to be extremely skeptical about the success of using these apps, I have had nothing but good experiences. I met my soul mate on an app and I plan to spend my future with her. Obviously things change and plans change, but I have never seen a future with anyone ever before her.  

The only thing I recommend with these apps is being extremely careful who you do talk to. In my short time on the app I did speak to a few girls who turned out to be straight men who wanted to sext, before revealing an inappropriate image. Also, if you are planning to meet someone off of an app, try to FaceTime them beforehand or get them to send a photo of themselves holding up a bit of paper with your name on it! Then when you do meet them, make sure your family know where you are going and try to meet somewhere public!

It’s always better to be safe, than sorry!

F, 17, Hatfield                                                       supported by Youth Connexions Hertfordshire