Losing my Pride virginity …

As of Saturday 25th June 2016, I can officially say that I am no longer a Pride virgin!

Through working as a member of Who Not What, I was offered the opportunity to attend Pride in London as part of the Stonewall Youth Event. As my fellow WnW member Lizzie described, it was a truly humbling experience.

Attending Pride made me truly feel like a part of the LGBT community and I finally felt at peace with myself. My sexuality has always been something that I have struggled with, since coming out a year ago I have been almost afraid to flaunt my ‘gayness’ and in a way I have been afraid to be out and proud. Going to Pride with a group of inspirational people and marching with Stonewall made me feel at home and I felt finally able to accept myself.

So to all of you Pride virgins out there, come along to Herts Pride on Saturday 3rd September 2016 at Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead from 10am to 10pm. I hope to see you there


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