Tattoo Fixers on Holiday

With a large rise, in body modifications and body art, E4’s Tattoo Fixer’s were clever in jumping on the bandwagon and designing a show in which three tattoo artists; Sketch, Jay and Alice correct some of the UK’s worst tattoos, and on occasion, create original designs for their clients. 

The show has been widely critiqued for its originality and honesty, relating to the artists and designs however in the most recent series that has just ended the final episode featured a lesbian couple.

The couple, Amy and Chantelle, walked in having booked an appointment with Sketch for an original piece to represent their love for eachother, as they were due to be married in a number of days. 

Both aged 21 and with their birthdays just six days apart, the couple have been together for nearly three years and already live together, so marriage seems naturally, like the next step for the pair.

They stated that they met online and clicked instantly, and it was evident to all viewers that they were completely head over heels in love with each other and were besotted with each other.

Chantelle wanted to propose on a romantic boat trip with Amy, however the inseparable duo went out the night before and in her alcohol fuelled excitement, Chantelle blurted out the question and had to improvise with a ring to ask Amy to marry her.

 The soon to be weds describe themselves as best friends and wanted a joint tattoo, to accompany the same wedding rings and “same everything” that they already have.

Paisley, the shows receptionist asked to see Amy’s ring and Sketch questioned whether they would both be wearing dresses or if one would be wearing a suit, which begs the question, why are lesbian couples still being stereotyped and categorised in to who is butch and who is femme?

On further discussion the couple disclosed that they will be getting married on a beach, and both will be wearing different dresses.

Sketch designed a tattoo combining two women kissing, with some flowers that was initially created as one design but drawn so that it could be split into two parts, so that both Amy and Chantelle had one half of the design each.

He chose to input the LGBT flag in the background of the design which was a subtle but nice touch, showing that he had thought about the design, and the pair decided to have the piece tattooed on their forearm.

Whilst tattooing the pair Sketch questioned “Are you always this cute?” as the couple quite clearly displayed their affection for each other.

Also soon to be wed and featured on the episode was couple Jodie and James; James had come in for a cover up of an awful tattoo on his leg which was covered with a casino inspired piece.

Amy and Chantelle’s tattoos were soon finished and looked really stunning, with both stating “Oh my god, we love it, it’s even better than we imagined, it’s beautiful.”


Samaya, 21, Herts