Rainbows and music, stickers and face paints …


Hertfordshire Pride wasn’t too long ago, and I still can’t get the rainbows, music and amazing stalls out of my head! This blog post is dedicated to those who didn’t go.

Walking into the tent of stalls was incredible.  Left and right were people working busily at their charity stall, setting up posters, hand outs and stickers. I didn’t know there was so many LGBT+ dedicated charities. I was helping at the Youth Connexions stall and we had so many stickers, badges etc. I brought my own face paints- why not! 

10am struck and people began piling through the door. It was so wonderful to be able to see such diversity! It was so easy to talk to everyone as we all had something in common. Anyway, it turns out bringing face paints was a good idea as everyone wanted it done! I spent most of my morning just applying rainbow face paint.

Later on I went outside to see the outside stalls. There was a large tent on the far side of the field full of people dancing and a stage for singers. There was also some carnival rides to the other corner of the field playing loud music too. Scattered around were little desks with people behind them, advertising stuff like Healthwatch Hertfordshire (by the way, I won a free portable phone charger from them somehow) and stalls selling shirts and food.

Near the end of the afternoon it started to rain so everyone ended up packing up even though we were planning to stay until 10pm. It was a really lovely day and I recommend going next year to anyone!

Emi, 14, Who not What member