Unlike last year, the sun was shining…

Unlike last year, the sun was shining for us this year at Herts pride 🙂 It was an early start for all of us, helping to set up the WnW stall ready for the day. The morning also gave us a chance to look around and see the amazing variety of stalls. I never knew there were so many organisations dedicated to helping LGBTQ people in Herts! From Herts Aid, to Healthwatch and Hertfordshire police and of course YC Hertfordshire and Who not What 😉 As 11am hit, the people came flooding in. It was so cool to see so many groups of young people, wearing glitter and flags and representing their community. We spent the morning applying rainbow facepaints, chatting, advertising our support groups and recruiting new members for Who not What. We also met up with young people who attend our support groups throughout Hertfordshire which was really cool as we aren’t often all in one place at one time! One thing that really stood out to me from pride was the representation of the Trans community. I saw more Transgender flags around than any other flag. To me this was a pretty amazing thing. It’s not often that the Trans community is represented at pride, let alone as a majority! It allowed me to meet some really inspirational people and realize that I’m not alone as a trans person in Herts. Bearing a trans flag also brought up some interesting conversations and allowed me to educate people which was awesome. I spent the afternoon relaxing, listening to live music and chatting with friends, both old and new. Overall, Herts Pride was an amazing and humbling experience. I will definitely be back next year!


Asher, 18, WnW member


Herts Pride 2017

Herts Pride was a genuinely enjoyable experience with a good supply of dogs and pride. There were lots of stalls and I bought a small Quartz and rainbow hat which I wore throughout the event after attaining it. The music was good and there was a pleasant atmosphere. I was very happy that it didn’t rain like last year and I had a great time with my friends and hanging out near our stool where they offered face painting. I hope everyone else had a great time as well.


Ellen, 18, WnW member