Pride Prom 2017!

In November 2017, YC Hertfordshire held their first Pride Prom for young LGBTQ. Young People had said that when they attended their own proms they had not felt totally comfortable and couldn’t go with who they wanted to or how they wanted to dress and so members of the LGBTQ strategic group, Who not What, suggested we hold this event.

Ellen, WnW member – “The Prom was a lot of fun and the food was great. There was plenty to eat and realistic fake snow balls to have fun with. There was great artwork on display and one could go to the kitchen area to escape the music and obtain a decent variety of drinks. There were fun props for picture taking and cool lights that didn’t flash so much as to give me a headache (which sometimes happens). It was overall a successful evening where everyone seemed comfortable to be themselves“.

Anonymous member of local LGBTQ group – “It was really fun to meet and talk to new people. I felt very comfortable as I was surrounded by other people in the LGBTQ+ community, therefore I could be myself; I don’t really talk about my identity and the fact that I am bisexual elsewhere. It was also really fun when a massive circle formed and someone would go into the middle and dance. The food and drink were very good. It brought our communities closer”.

Emi, Member of local LGBTQ group – “Prom was really fun. It was amazing to see so many diverse young people: everyone was very social and it was great to just dance and have a laugh. Will definitely go again!”

Anonymous member of local LGBTQ group – “It was lots of fun and I made some new friends from different places that I could relate to. I would really like another event like it”

Astra, WnW member – “I think that the prom was brilliant, really enjoyable and a great opportunity to be social and able to be myself. I really enjoyed the prom, especially the false snowballs”.

For more information about the LGBTQ support groups for young people in Herts or to find out more about the strategic group, Who not What, please visit