You Don’t Get it

You don’t get it? Really,

Did you not here me sincerely,

Do you not realise that I am saying this because I care. 

Because without it, the stress could swipe me like the claws of a bear.

I am trying not to hide, behind castle walls of tweed and wool, that like curtains seem to hide me so I can curl up like a ball,

As though the frostbite of my cloths engenders this, rather than standing tall.


I want to be seen as I see myself, not as a shadow; a cardboard figure. 

But show that I can remove the chains that keep me from striving for happiness and things much bigger,


So with this verse, I write the truth,

To correct the lies of my youth:

I am a girl, strong willed and kind

I am a trans girl, I know in my heart; my mind.


by Who not What member for LGBT History Month